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DIY PIC32 Pinguino Almodovino

Pinguino Almodovino is a DIY development PIC32 board, low cost (least 15 USD).

The board, with few components, is easy to build. The components used mainly are Through-Hole components and only have 4 SMD components.

The board dimensions and format are similar to Arduino UNO (size board is 68.6mm x 53.3mm).

Pinguino Almodovino can use a PIC32MX220F032B, PIC32MX230F064B, PIC32MX250F128B or PIC32MX270F256B (in 28 pin PDIP format).

Kicad: 3D View

Kicad: Board Viev

Pinguino Almodovino assembled

Pinguino Almodovino Schematic

Bill of Materials

R1, R3 10K resistor 1/4W

R2 330ohm resistor 1/4W

C1, C6, C7, C9, C10 100nF/50V ceramic capacitor

C4, C5 22pF/50V ceramic capacitor

C2, C3 22uF/10V electrolytic capacitor

C8 10uF/10V electrolytic capacitor

D1 1N4007 diode

D2 1N4148 diode

D3 LED diode (3mm)


X1 8MHz crystal

IC1 PIC32MX230F054B DIP-28 with Pinguino bootloader

IC2 AMS1117-3.3V SOT-223 voltage regulator SMD

IC3 AMS1117-5V SOT-223 voltage regulator SMD

SW1, SW2 Micro Switch PCB Momentary Tactile 6x6x4.5 mm

J1 DC Power Jack 2.1mm PCB Through-Hole

J2 Socket Mini USB Type B SMD SMD

J3 1 x 6pin 2.54mm Female header

1 28 pin DIP IC Socket (for IC1)

Note: IC4, R4, C11 and J4 are'n used in this project.

Bootloaders for PIC32MX250F128B and PIC32MX270F256B download

Gerbers files for PCB manufacturing download

(C) 2016 L. Serrano